About Me


Hi! I am Dimple Mathew, I am a Python / Golang Developer and Machine Learning enthusiast. I have been working with python for quite a while now. My major strengths are designing and developing optimised and scalable systems.

I remember talking to a friend of mine about a problem statement. While we were conversing, I realized the focus of the conversation was on “How to solve the problem ?” When did I suggest the solution I wasn’t counter questioned; questions like Why do you suggest that? What about time complexity? What about the security aspect? Or the runtime? weren’t asked.🤔

That weekend I spent my time thinking about, “Why do we jump to the solution before understanding the problem statement?”. One of the straightforward answers was “IT’S EASY😅.” It’s so easy to put an error in google and click on the first StackOverflow link and get the solution. I too have been a victim of this practice but with time I realized where I went wrong and re-routed.

So, keeping all these things in mind I thought to myself – Why not I write something so simple that anyone could understand the basic programming concept easily. This lead me to Deep-Tech🚀 where I decided to answer questions like, what do we do and why do we do things the way we do🐾.

My belief system is based on what Einstein said once, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” and the more you understand the better you become.✔️ 😇

Deep-Tech is where I share my ideas 💡 , CS basics 📖 , things I have learnt and the things I’m learning in my journey as a Software Engineer👩‍🎤


Mathew’s Family 1992, Agra

I was born in April of 1992, in the city of Taj. My dad is from Kerala (southern part of India) and my Mom from Punjab which is in north. Now what I am going to tell you next, don’t do that with your’e kids, My dad calls my mom Baby- So when I was born the doctor asked my parents,“So whats the name you have decided for your baby girl”, and  they literally did not decide any name before  hand, So then my dad replies,” We will call her Baby”. Thanks be to God for that doctor  who saw a dimple on my cheek else today my name would be Baby Mathew.

Being an awesome kid that I was while growing up, I developed this love for food, and in 4 months I weighed 10 kg’s, it became very difficult for my parents to take me out, because picking me up was a good workout for them. It’s because of me my parents were pretty much fit at that time.

Dad, Daisy and me 1997

In the summer of ’96 while I was in pre-school my mom was expecting. And I so wanted a sister, unlike my parents I had already decided her name, I remember telling my dad everyday that “Papa we will call her Daisy“, and my dad is like “no we will call her Rose“, Well, see right from my childhood I was a person who gets what she wants, Today my sisters name is Daisy.

Learned Singing


My mom is a pretty good singer and so is my dad. I inherited this quality from them I learned playing Keyboard while I was in 4th Grade and soon joined the Church Choir where my mom would sing, I was the youngest in that group. Then I joined the school choir, Music became an important part of my life. For my 14th birthday my parents got me a Yamaha PSR – 550 I remember sleeping right next to it that night. Later I became the choir master for our children’s mass in our church. Those days were fun. I remember my dad telling me Deepu we will put a bed for you in the church itself as you come home just to sleep, I was like yea right lets do it( that really did not happen).

St. Conrad’s -Performance 2008

I ended up forming a Band during my school called ‘Debonairs’  and won 2nd place in an International Jingle competition for COFAS 2010 in Lucknow . All I wanted to do while growing up was to become a singer, It was more than passion for me, but things did not fall in the places I wanted, so I side -tracked. But like it is said:

“Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together”

Computer Science- Bachelors and Masters

2013- Microsoft event- Jaipur( Yea i was fat at that time)

I was sent to St. Bede’s College, Shimla for my graduation, I studied bachelor’s of computer science there. Well I did not really think I would make a career out of it that time, Somehow I started getting interested in programming and I remember spending hours on my laptop, doing some “C language”, in the fall of 2012 I became Microsoft student Partner and from there things just changed for me. I was learning XAML one day and .net the other, I had one un-exhaustive list of things to learn.  Three years at St. Bede’s were awesome, not only I learnt programming,

Bedian Pin

I stood for  college election for both 2012 and 2013 and I won I was made the head girl, that was literally glorious, my parent s came down for the ceremony .                    I remember my mom and dad being so proud of me. That summer I invited Edukinect a Learning partners with Microsoft to hold a Hackathon in our campus a lot of students participated who had no Computer science background but were interested to learn . Later I and few of my batch mates conducted talks on latest technologies in the campus.  Early 2014 was my farewell I was presented with a Bedian Pin which is quite an honor for those who receive it, I was one of the 7 lucky Out-going students. Memories created in St. Bede’s would always live in my heart. It not only taught me how to learn but also how to lead and to live.

Right in the center- Admiral 2013-14

I decided to do my Maters and I headed from the northern part of into to southern. I ended up in Bangalore, and got admission in Christ University, well till 2014 I liked coding but as a part of curriculum. Things had changed now I had a lot of exposure to newer technologies, open source blew my mind. The learning curve was exponential. Data Structures was my favorite because of this one professor his name is Jibrael Jos, I really fell for this subject. And then it happened- Python happened. I was writing a research paper on Stock market prediction using data mining techniques  and I had to implement this as the final year projectInitially I was working with R( It’s a statistical language good for understanding data but not good for building a tool out of it, thou it has supporting libraries), and I was using package within R called shiny to build UI for my tool, but there were many challenges I was facing, I switched from R to Python and the framework I used was Flask.

Convocation 2017

Ever since my 4th semester I never did let of of Python. I build a tool that would fetch data from NASDAQ using API and then project the data, On this projected data you can apply various visualizations,I had also done Time series Analysis too in the tool, my guide was pretty impressed with the amount of work I had done in very less time that semester I scored a 4.0 G.P.A and made a cumulative of 8.95/10 C.G.P.A for my masters. I graduated from Christ university May 2017.

Cerner- Internship

I am very serious about my work! This is the proof

College placements happened in October 2016 and I got placed in Cerner Healthcare, Bangalore. I was put into Revenue Cycle services team, It was an operations team and I was the software intern at that time. So I have this prominent quality of making friends and talking to people and nothing stopped me from being the same in Cerner too. I remember going around talking to people, understanding what they work on, by the way there was no development team at that time in RCM, so like I was the first one, And i literally had to sit down with associates to understand the processes. So this one time i was sitting with one of  these guys and I was looking at what they were doing, it seemed damn complex, later i realized that they are actually repeating some 5 steps again and again. So they were picking up some numbers from excel, pasting it in a website and then downloading stuff, then renaming that stuff  and finally pushing it in a repo. So I wrote a script in python using selenium that automated this task! I swear that was blast! Literally everyone on that floor wanted that script, and that became my Internship Project.


10992a79-3dd1-4409-a20f-dc8ea93f031d (1)I was absorbed by Cerner as Software Engineer in May 2017 and every since then it has been just amazing. I worked on things I was really interested in, like Image recognition using Deep Learning,  I have been working with Django, PostgresSql, Angular and yes everything related to Python. Selenium was quite a part of every project that I did. I remember the first day as an intern I was sitting in my cubical and first time I had my desktop connected to my laptop, I had my name plate right next to it, and I couldn’t stop myself from clicking a picture, whenever I see it it reminds me how I felt on first day at Cerner.SS